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Hair Loss

American Hair Loss Association
Consumer hair loss information. Devoted to finding a cure for hair loss and increasing worldwide awareness and understanding of this disease. Organization provides information on hair replacement and hair transplant surgery as well.

Women's Hair Loss Project

American Academy of Dermatology

Doc Guide

How Stuff Works "How Hair Replacement Works"

Medline Plus: Hair Diseases and Hair Loss

Patient Resources: Hair Loss

Yahoo Health

Pharmaceutical Companies

Merck (Propecia )

Pharmacia ( Rogaine )


International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons

The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons is a consumer organization that selectively screens skilled and ethical hair transplant surgeons. The IAHRS does not offer an open membership policy to doctors practicing hair transplantation, and is the
only group that recognizes that all surgeons are not equal in their skill and hair restoration technique.
Contributor Links:

Center For Hair Transplantation
( Dr. Ivan Cohen)

Elliott & True Medical Group ( Robert H. True )

Foundation For Hair Restoration ( Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein )

Hair Growth Doctor ( Dr. Paul J. McAndrews )

International Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Institute

New Hair Institute ( Drs. Robert M. Bernstein & William Rassman, MD)

Norwood & Lehr Hair Transplant Clinic
( Dr. Blaine Lehr )

Shapiro Medical ( Dr. Ron Shapiro )

Wolf Hair ( Dr. Bradley Wolf )
Hair Loss Websites
The Bald Truth

American Hair Loss Blog

Hair Loss Community

Hair Loss Direct

Hair Loss Patient Guide

Hair Loss Help

Stop Hair Loss Now

Commercial Hair Loss Websites

Discount Minoxidil

Fabao Canada Hair Loss Shop

Hair Loss 101

Hair Loss Net

Hair Loss Q & A

Hair Loss Watch

Hair Genesis




Thymuskin Canada
Hair Transplant Websites
Hair Transplant Adviser

Hair Transplant Docs

Hair Transplant Medical

Hair Transplant.Net

Hair Transplant Guide
Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Advent Hair


Farrell Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement- -Hair replacement and hair loss info in UK. The best surgeons and clinical staff are ready to take care of your hair. Contact us for more information about hair replacement.

KTS Hairpiece

Lace Wigs
- The best lace wigs available on the net. All wigs are made with high quality human hair with an invisible hairline.

Lori's Wigsite

MHRW International

Toupee Tape City: Hair Replacement

Online Pharmacies
Buy Propecia

1st Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy Drugs

Online Pharmacy Prescriptions


Web Prescripts

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Cosmetic Lasers Bought and Sold - Training and Warranties Available!

Health Catalog Online Nutritional Supplements

Laser Hair Removal

Temporary Hair Color that glows without black lights- -Great for night-time Parties, Concerts, Dance Clubs, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, July 4th and New Year's




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Creating a Natural Hair line: Ron Shapiro, MD  
Hair Loss Causes
John P. Cole, MD
Guidelines For Hair Transplantation in The Young Patient:
Ivan S. Cohen, MD
Hair Loss - Why?
Bradley Wolf, MD
Hair Transplants in Women
Jeffrey S. Epstein, MD
Is Today's Hair Transplant Going To Look Good Tomorrow?
Paul J. McAndrews, MD
On The Origin of Folliclar Unit Hair Transplantation
Robert M. Bernstein, MD
Recreating The Crown Whorl
Robert H. True, MD
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