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Creating a Natural Hairline
By Ron Shapiro, MD

Creating a natural hairline is one of the most important elements of a successful hair transplant. Our ability to create naturalness has dramatically increased in recent years due to the development of more refined techniques.

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Follicular Unit Grafts vs. Small Mini Grafts
By Ron Shapiro, MD

All forms of hair restoration surgery involve redistribution of existing hair follicles. No form of surgery will provide more hair follicles than those that currently exist. Therefore the success of hair restoration surgery for any patient depends on optimizing the cosmetic redistribution of an inherently limited number of hairs.

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Guidelines for Hair Transplantation in The Young Patient
By Ivan S. Cohen, MD

The young man who is losing his hair is a challenge to the hair transplant surgeon. He is often extremely distressed about his follicular future and the initial consultation must balance the patient's emotions with the reality of his hair loss. Some surgeons may deal with this situation by adhering to a minimum age policy.

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Hairline Placement
By Bradley Wolf, MD

Any physician who transplants hair should be an expert in hairline construction. While we can create a naturally shaped hairline in one session, it is often necessary to adjust the shape and position in future sessions to meet the patient's desires. The cardinal sin is to place the hairline too low.

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Hair Transplantation for Men With Advanced Degrees of Hair Loss
By Jeffrey S. Epstein, MD

In the field of surgical hair restoration, there is probably no greater challenge than treating the individual with advanced male pattern hair loss. Recent developments in follicular unit grafting and recognition of the natural appearance of the transplanted frontal forelock have now made it possible to obtain excellent, undetectable results in these patients.

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Hair Transplantation in Women
By Jeffrey S. Epstein, MD

The role of hair transplantation in men is well established. In women, the procedure is much less common, but has a definite role in both the management of female pattern hair loss and the repair of alopecic scarring and hairline distortion as a result of prior facial plastic surgery.

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Is Today's Hair Transplant Going To Look Good Tomorrow?
By Paul J. McAndrews, MD

The medical and surgical treatments for androgenetic alopecia have improved greatly over the recent years; however there is still no perfect treatment. Today, one should not be able to notice who has had, or who has not had, a hair transplant.

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Logic of Follicular Unit Transplantation, The
By Robert M. Bernstein, MD; William Rassman, MD

Follicular Unit Transplantation is a method of hair restoration surgery where hair is transplanted exclusively in its naturally occurring, individual follicular units. The evolution and rational for follicular unit transplantation will be discussed, as well as the logic for the various techniques used in its implementation.

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On The Origin of Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation
By Robert M. Bernstein, MD

It is wonderful to see that follicular unit hair transplantation has reached such a level of importance that a lengthy commentary has been devoted to assigning credit to its origins. From the tone of his dissertation, however, Dr. Marritt seems to be defending Dr. Limmer from an enemy camp.

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Recreating The Crown Whorl
By Robert H. True, MD

A great hair transplant can accomplished when the surgeon is able to appreciate and reproduce the subtle variations in the architecture of the hair on different parts of the scalp. Appropriately, much has been written about reconstruction of the hairline zone, as it is widely appreciated that this is critical to achieving a "natural" result.

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State of The Art Surgical Technique: Follicular Unit Hair Grafting
By Jeffrey S. Epstein, MD

The goal in hair restoration is natural appearing results. Improvements in the field of hair transplantation have developed with this goal in mind. The most recent development is the follicular unit grafting technique, which relies upon microscopic dissection to produce grafts each containing a follicular unit, the natural bundling of 1 to 4 hairs, with a minimal amount of non-hair-bearing surrounding skin.

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